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23 July 2006 @ 06:50 pm
OOC Reference
A list of objective facts about the house, taken verbatim from Chapter XVI:

(1) No light.
(2) No humidity.
(3) No air movement (i.e. breezes, drafts etc).
(4) Temperature remains at 32°F ± 8 degrees.
(5) No sounds.
    (5.1) Except for a dull roar which arises intermittently, sometimes seeming far off, sometimes sounding close at hand.
(6) Compasses do not function there.
    (6.1) Nor do altimeters.
    (6.2) Radios have a limited range.
(7) Walls are uniformly black with a slightly 'ashen' hue.
(8) There are no windows, moldings, or other decorative elements. (See 7.0)
(9) Size and depth vary enormously.
    (9.1) The entire place can instantly and without apparent difficulty change its geometry. [One example: during an exploration, the gargantuan spiral staircase inside the labyrinth visibly warps into an ellipse, snaps back into a circle, and drops ten feet while one character is attempting to descend it.]
    (9.2) Some have suggested that the dull roar or 'growl' is caused by these metamorphoses. (See 5.1)
    (9.3) No end has been found there.
(10) The place will purge itself of all things, including any item left behind.
    (10.1) No object has ever been found there.
    (10.2) There is no dust.
(11) At least three people have died inside.
    (11.1) [list of names omitted for spoilers]
    (11.2) Only one body was recovered. (See 10.0)